The Thursday, the 4th day of this crazy week and the 2nd day of the main part of the Pass Summit. This day is always important because of the keynote. This is one of the reasons I come in Pass Summit.

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This year, Dr. Rimma Nehme talked about Azure Cosmos DB. As yesterday, Brent Ozar live blogged during the keynote. Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, multi-model database service.

So what can I say ? When you see this session, you don’t really know what will be your job in the future! I really want to test this environment to know if it’s really magic. We can test it for free but I don’t know the limitations of the test.

I selected Rimma as the best speaker I saw on Thursday, even if the timing was not fully respected.

Understanding the Transaction Log by Richard Douglas

As a black cat, I need a weird session. The speaker arrived 15 minutes after the start of the session. It’s always good to remember how t-log works.

From Zero to Hero: Troubleshooting SQL Server Performance Made Easier

There were cool stuff in this session but I’m a bit disappointed because I wanted to discover msTiger tools and we only saw SSMS improvements in execution plan. Maybe I didn’t understand the abstract. Pedro Lopes is not a bad speaker by the way.

I have a question : who is really using the SSMS activity monitor to troubleshoot performance ? Do you have informations in this tool you can’t get with a lighter tool than Kankuru ?

14 habits of great sql developers

Very general advices. I already use source control, unit test framework, etc… so I didn’t learn anything but i talked with my neighbor and he doesn’t work like that and was very happy. So maybe I was not the good guy but I was agree with almost every point except one : when I develop, in some case, I prefer to have production data instead of test datasets.

Secrets of the Query Optimizer revealed by Kevin Kline

My second best session of the day. Don’t come in this session to learn what kind of trace flag you need to activate on your production but come here to understand with trace flags how work all the execution steps of the query optimizer just before the handoff to storage Engine. I already met Kevin Kline last year in SQLSaturday Paris, I always enjoyed his sessions. He’s a great speaker.

End of the day

The day ended like the others, with beers and fat food 🙂

The last part shouldn’t come before the next week because we’ll celebrate the end of the Pass Summit so I won’t be able to write the last post 🙂

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