1.4.7 – Sql 2019 support, replication dashboard, PowerSaturday


It was already 15 months ago… 15 months without any update of Kankuru ! Yes it was very long but here we go again, the new version is available.

Before starting to explain what’s new in this version, I’d like to give you the opportunity to attend to this exciting conference in Paris. Unfortunately, I won’t be part of this event but I’m sure you’ll find great sessions, it’s free on saturday by you need to register on powersaturday website.

And don’t miss on Friday, the precon of David Barbarin and Christophe Laporte.

SQL Server 2019 support

As you may know, Sql Server 2019 Community Technology Preview is available. I had to push some commits in KMO to fully support this new version. I also took the opportunity to update the build number of each Sql Server version




Replication Dashboard

If you follow me for a while, you may know that I often work with transactional replication. I recently encountered a problem where replication seemed to be stuck. Lot of commands were in the distribution database but even if the distribution job wrote on subscribers, the command to replicate count didn’t decrease.

In the expression “transactional replication” there is the word “transactional”… If you have 15 000 000 transactions of 1 command, it’s not the same behavior than 1 transaction of 15 000 000 commands.

So I decided to improve the replication Dashboard by adding the transaction count by replicated database. If the ratio command to replicate on a database / transaction over transaction on a database is too high, maybe you should consider updating the way you update data on publisher.

Here is the query in KMO https://github.com/KankuruSQL/KMO/commit/314924d6842f70854bf9c5eee9835ffeb4387bd7

I had to blur certain areas of the image to respect the confidentiality

I also took the opportunity to add a useful statistic, when you select a row in the first table, you’ll have command count for each articles (tables)

Here are the commits in KMO :



Search in DataGrid

I’m a bit lazy and I didn’t like to have to push an additional  button to search something in the datagrid. Now, when you want to search in grid with Ctrl+F (or right-click + Search in datagrid), you only need to write something and the search is done without other action


Case sensitive Query

I was contacted by Alexis Collin who found a bug in one of the KMO queries. Unfortunately, he was not able to push the modification himself in github and ask for a merge request but he sent me the corrections by email. Thank you Alexis 🙂



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