Kankuru version 1.3.6

Hello Kankuru users,

I just released a new version of Kankuru. Here’s the changelog.

Discard GUI

I wanted to do it for months and it’s done. The main dashboard check errorlogs, job log, active sessions and sometimes you don’t want to see some messages. For example, when a backup is successfull there is a line in the sql error log. This line is not marked as an informational message so by default Kankuru will raise an alert. You were able to ignore this message if you inserted a line in the good kankuru table. Now, you can manage these messages directly in Kankuru.

Discard message
You can discard some messages in the dashboard

Messages are removed with a NOT LIKE instruction so you can use % as a joker but be carrefull. If you discard too much message, you won’t receive alert anymore 🙂

You can apply these filters on each Sql instance or only 1 specific server.


Thread factory

It should be unvisible for you but you can trust me I worked many hours to rewrite the thread factory. Kankuru is now more stable, performant and less intrusive.

ID Card

Someone asked me to add active trace flags in ID Card (thanks Fred). I took the opportunity to add the memory usage.

Trace flag are selected by KMO with this commit.

Memory usage is a property exposed by SMO (PhysicalMemoryUsageInKB).

IDCard trace flags and memory usage
IDCard : trace flags and memory usage


Dashboard UpToDate

Last versions were hardcoded in Kankuru and updatable via internet. Now, last versions are in KMO.

In my current job, I worked on migration from 2008R2 to 2014, I needed a tool to check that all databases are in the good compatibility level. So I added a new column which check that there are no database with a lower compatibility level than instance. This new column is using KMO with this commit.

This dashboard is now compatible with SQL Server 2017

I also added a stop button

upToDate Dashboard
UpToDate Dashboard with new compatibility level column, 2017, version in KMO, …


Table last access

Recently, I found a bug in this tool. I fix the problem with this commit and I also added 2 new columns to know when the table was created and updated.

Last Table Access with 2 new columns


Dashboard AlwaysON

In the previous post, Tonix told he had an issue with the Dashboard AlwaysOn to monitore availability groups.

I’m not sure about the bug but it seems fixed 🙂

Kankuru news

I fixed an issue. The rss reader was reloaded each time you activated the sheet.

Some news

It’s not directly linked to Kankuru, but I’ll speak about SMO, KMO and Scriptdom in Powershell with the French Powershell User Group in june. Meetup link

4 thoughts on “Kankuru version 1.3.6

  1. Cedric Keller Reply

    I still have a bug on AlwaysON dashboard, not sure what it is, but it is not working.
    I rolled back to 1.3.1 to have this dashboard working correctly.

    • Gregory Boge Post authorReply

      Hi Cedric, do you have more information ? An error message in a messagebox or maybe a message in the tooltip (since 1.3.6, error message is printed when your mouse is over a server to be able to debug) ? Maybe you have a file Kankuru.log in the application folder with more details ? Thanks

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