1.4.10 – live process profiler

Hi all, long time without any new version of Kankuru. Lockdown didn’t help me to add new features but I finally found the courage to push this release 🙂

Live Process profiler

In the previous weeks, a windows update generated a cpu issue on some production servers and I had to investigate on other process than sqlserver.exe. I know it’s a bad practice but we sometimes use xp_cmdshell to execute some cmd on our sql server. For those who also use xp_cmdshell, you can use this new tool to know which process consume CPU on your system. I only tested it on Windows. Please send me your feedback.


Live Session

I added 2 new columns in the tool live session : row count and transaction isolation level. It can be very useful in case of investigation. https://github.com/KankuruSQL/KMO/commit/c61e4b1b1bcf89c24b93e67e59488143101dccc0

Replication bug

I fixed an issue in the replication tool https://github.com/KankuruSQL/KMO/commit/bb38a362b7e8234790d2610d9aa8a1d3d0987277

Other bugs

I fixed lot of bugs in Server Explorer and password encryption

Next steps

I was asked to use SSMS CMS to get server list. I’ll work on this cool feature this summer. Stay tune

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