In my previous post, I told you my first days at  Seattle Pass Summit. Now, pre-con are over, the real conference starts. My alarm didn’t ring this morning and I was a bit tired because I walked too much the evening before but I was here for the keynote 🙂


There were so much information in this keynote, I started to write a summary but I found this page  Brent Ozar’s live blog.

Last year, I was really impressed when I arrived in the keynote room, but this year it was different, maybe because of the layout of the room or the empty chairs…

T-SQL Tips & tricks by Itzik Ben-Gan

My colleague saw his session last year and he  highly recommended him. I loved this session!  I learnt lot of stuffs and I already added it in my replay list to test on my environment all these tips and tricks. I had never considered to use column stored indexes like he did or to rewrite some queries with EXISTS + INTERSECT for exemple. I finally added this guy in my top speaker list. Please come in France for the next SQL Saturday.

Adopting a DevOps process for your database by Steve Jones

At Criteo, I think we already have a good continuous integration pipeline. But I always try to know how other guys manage that. Nothing new for me in this session. I was scared Steve presented only Redgate tools but no it was OK.

Inside SQL Server 2017 on Linux by Bob Ward

I already attend to many session on the new combo SQL Server + Linux. A lot of speaker like sessions about SQL Server on Linux. Tobias Ternström went in Paris at MsCloudSummit in January and in France David Barbarin really likes this topic too.

In this double session (level 500), I wanted to go deeper. But, unfortunately, as a good black cat, Bob Ward‘s computer refused to work. I guess this is the worst nightmare of all speakers => Windows update !

At the end, Bob,  Slava OksTobias Ternstrom and Travis Wright answered ours questions and I was very excited to learn they are considering to work on replication agents on Linux. This is a great news for us.

If you want more information about SQL Server on Linux, you should first read this page.

The third day ended with the sponsor reception followed by a Brazilian restaurant. We are too serious 🙂

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