1.5.0 Custom queries

I didn’t post here for a while. Because of lockdown, I wasn’t motivated to work on the application. However, I received lot of messages asking me to add a query in Kankuru. Some of them were interesting but the other were very specific. So I got the idea to add a new feature to Kankuru.

Add your own queries

With this new version, you’re now able to add your favorite queries directly in Kankuru. And it’s very easy, you just need to write some sql queries !

In the directory MyDocuments\KankuruCustomQueries, each .sql file will display a button in the menu

Customize the menu

You can customize the menu by choosing your own image. You just need to put an image file (jpg or png) named as you query file (without the extension) in the directory.


You have a very useful query and you want to share it with all kankuru users ? I just created this github repository. I can’t wait to see your contributions !

Please tell me in the comments if you like this new version !

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