1.4.0 Summer release


It’s summer, so it’s time to release the new version.


Downtime is a new feature in the Dashboard. Sometimes, we don’t want to monitor a server for a while because of hardware maintenance, service stopped or manual intervention. Before this version, you were forced to stop the dashboard, remove the server and restart the dashboard… and not forget to add the server later. It was very painful!

Now, you’re able to set a period of downtime on a specific server.

How it works ? You must right click on your instance and select “Set Downtime”

Set a Downtime

You select the period (you have few buttons to select the period very quickly)

Select the downtime period

And your server won’t be monitored during this period (There may be up to 1 minute latency). If the “auto-collapse” option is enabled, your server will disappear from the list. If this option is disabled, you’ll have a grey icon but you won’t execute query on this server anymore.

You can get the list of all active downtime + the list of the most recent downtime by clicking on this button :

List of all downtimes


KMO Dashboard

If you read this blog or if you follow me on Twitter, you should know I’m trying to open source every kankuru queries in KMO. I rewrote all the Dashboard queries. Here is the list of all commits :


During my 24HOPFrench session, someone asked me to stop the orange color in Kankuru by replacing it with pink. I guess it was a joke but I did it! I added 2 new styles :

  • ConseilIT Toulouse (Pink)
  • Grey

You can select a theme in the configuration menu

Select a theme in the configuration menu


One of the users is colorblind so he asked me to change the dashboard icons. I created a new set of icons with shapes and colors.

New Icons in the Dashboard

You can select your favorite icon set in the configuration menu

Select your icons

ID Card bugs

ID Card didn’t work correctly on SQL Server 2005 because some DMV are missing. I pushed a commit in KMO to fix this issue.

TempDB Dashboard fix

TempDB Dashboard used sys.master_files, so file sizes were not always OK. I replaced it by sys.database_files in KMO.

New Sql Server Engine versions

Kankuru is compatible with the very last versions of SQL Server with these small commits :

Hope you’ll enjoy

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