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After update: Cannot apply value ‘null’ to property Login: Value cannot be null..


I have just updated to the latest version.  I get an error when I try to connect.

The error message is "Cannot apply value ‘null’ to property Login: Value cannot be null.."

--Stack trace--

"at Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common.ConnectionSettings.set_Login(String value)

at KankuruLL.SMOConnection.ChargerConstructeur()

at KankuruLL.K_Instance.GetListeDatabase(Exception& _ex)"


Hi, I need to investigate why it fails.

Meanwhile, you can use the previous version by disabling the auto update in the configuration.

I can reproduce the error. I'll push a fix in the coming days

Thanks a lot.  and  I just wanted to tell you that " I use your tool daily".


thanks for your support 🙂

I just released a new version so the problem should be fixed. May you confirm ?


I'll try tomorrow... Morning

Keep you posted



It s ok..