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Dashboard Instance - IO stall Read per second

Hello Gregory,

First, thank you for your job, Kankuru is a great tool for monitoring SQL.

I download it 2 weeks ago and it help me a lot.

In the Instance Dashboard, 2 metrics seems have a wrong name :

IO Stall read per second and IO Stall Write per second

=> It seems to me its not "per second" but "in milliseconds".


Anyway, thank you again for this great tool and see you soon.



Hi Casey,

First, thank you for your message. It's always a pleasure to know new users 🙂

You're right, the label is a bit confusing.

To collect data, I'm using the method GetDashboardInstance from KMO. I get io stall data from sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats.

So you're right, I use the column io_stall_write_ms  : Total time, in milliseconds, that users waited for writes to be completed on the file.

But I collect the data, I wait for 1 second and I recollect the data. Then I can calculate the difference between the 2 values.

So this value could be called : Total time, in milliseconds, during this second, that users waited for writes to be completed on the file 🙂

I hope you understood my ugly English and my explanations 🙂

ok I understood.

Thank you for this explanation and don't worry for your English, between French we understand each other ;).