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It's very quiet, need help ?


I've been using your tools for a few years for free. But I would like to help you to add features and debugging. It's only a personal proposition, If you need help to continue your project. Don't hesitate to contact me?

I was a developer en C#/C++.  And since 20 years, I'm dba for sql server(mother language;-)) and oracle(skill moderate). I'try to script everything with powershell and even under linux(.net core).

To be honest, currently I have a problem with you application because your code is unsigned sometimes it's not possible to launch the application because some organisation have enabled smartScreen by gpo and it's difficult to disable it or adding in white list .

if I'm ever at your disposal to help you.

Hello Zoltix,

You're right, I need to check how to sign the application. I have no clue how to do that but I'm sure I'll find tutorials.

Every queries are open sources so you can contribute in the project

For now, the UI is not opensource and I don't plan to do it (too many thing to clean before 🙂 ) but I'd be very happy to speak with you if you have new ideas 🙂

May I send you a message on the email adress you setup on this site ?