New website and new version 1.2.8

4 years ago, I started to develop Kankuru. I had not enough time to create a beautiful website and since I like .net, I chose It was very painful (extension management, version upgrade, …) so I just changed for wordpress on will disappear in next months.

To celebrate this new website, I just released a new Kankuru version :


For performance matters, most DBA recommend to use stored procedures without providing tools for developers. So developers use dynamic sql, parametered queries or ORM.
So I decided to create this tool :

SP automatically generated
For each tables in your database, Kankuru can automatically create these procedures :

  • Select the whole table (*_List)
  • Select 1 line from the PK column(s)
  • Select N lines from the PK column(s) with TVP
  • Insert 1 line
  • update 1 line from the PK column(s)
  • delete 1 line from the PK column(s)

These procedures are created with a default header but, of course, you’re able to custom them. Click on the “help” button for more help.

Custom headers in procedures

I shared this library on github

Server Explorer navigation

I have 175 instance to manage and it was boring to scroll. So I added 2 buttons to expand/collapse the treeview.
I also created a textbox to filter with server name

new navigation in Server Eplorer

Missing Index

A lot of people ask it for a while, I added a new button to generate the Create Index DDL.
I also improved some things : rounded costs, datagrid with to 100%, Context.

Missing index

Tables without PK or clustered index

Recently, I had to migrate publisher databases to a new publisher. I used double replication but to be able to add a table in a publication, the table need to have a primary key. So I created a new audit tool to find table without PK. This tool is also able to detect table without clustered index. You should check too, you might be surprised 🙂

Missing PK and clustered

ID card

Now you can watch service accounts

SQL Server account

Auto Rotate

A new button in the “Home” menu : if this feature is activated, the active tab is changed every 15 seconds. It could be useful for TV monitoring.

Auto Rotate

Live Session

I reduced row height but, to be able to see the query easily, you can now click on text column.

Live Session

Live SP Profiler

I just reduced row height

Live SP Profiler

Web Browser

To load Kankuru Website, I use the WPF component Webbrowser. This is a weird IE activex. I had to update it because of the new website. But I recommand to use your own browser to navigate on

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