Version 1.3.1 – Kmo, Kmo and Kmo…. and Datagrid

Hello, a new version is available. So what’s new in this release ? Not just KMO 🙂


I’m sure you know KMO, this is a project to open-source Kankuru queries. In a few Kankuru releases, every sql code will be available in this library and you’ll be able to update Kankuru yourself and help me to improve this useful software.

In this version, I integrated KMO in these tools :

  • Database Buffer
  • Top 50 Queries/Procedures
  • Login Failed
  • ErrorLog
  • Wait statistics
  • IO Stall
  • CPU Usage (+ fix bug)
  • Who Is sa ?
  • Last Table access
  • Tables without PK or Clustered index
  • Audit Heap Index
  • Get Who
  • Live Session
  • Duplicated index
  • File TreeMaps

Kmo in git log


This new datagrid is not yet available everywhere. I’m trying to implement it with KMO migration. So almost tools listed before use this component..

This datagrid comes with few interesting features and I’m sure I will improve it in next releases (I’m waiting for your idea!)

Row Number

This is not the most difficult development I did in my life but it’s useful !

Datagrid Row Number

Export to Excel

With a right-click, you’re able to export easily the result to Excel


Search in grid

The most interesting imho. With Right-clic + “Search in grid”, you’re able to filter the result of the datagrid.

You’re also able to enable this feature with Ctrl+F


Keep Sorting

Sometimes, you sort the datagrid, you refresh data and you lose your sort. It can make you crazy. Now you can choose to keep this sorting with the context menu.

Keep Sorting

Bug Fixed

I also fixed few bugs like :

  • SQL Cpu chart
  • End date parameter in replication latency chart
  • Live SP profile sorted by CPU desc

24HOP French edition

I was selected by the French PASS VChapter to speak about KMO on september 21. It will be in French \o/

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