Version 1.3.3 TempDB Dashboard


The new version 1.3.3 is available with new features like the TempDB Dashboard.

TempDB Dashboard

I was at Pass summit in Seattle this year and I was in the TempDB session. So since we all have tempDB issues, I decided to create this new Dashboard.

Check files

Are you sure you setup correctly your files ? With TempDB Dashboard, you can :

tempdb files

  • check files count : I recommand at least 4 data files.

tempdb file count

  • check files setup : you must be sure all your files are similar

tempdb file config

  • Check files latency : if you’re in the green zone, you should be ok 🙂

tempdb latency

Space usage

Which objects are in your tempDB ? 3 informations :

  • User Objects
  • Internal Objects
  • Free space

tempdb space

Warning sorts

Sometimes, sort uses tempDB, check the history to find which tool use the TempDB

tempdb sort warning

Tasks space usage

Which query uses actually your tempDB ?

tempdb tasks space usage

Logins & connections migrated in KMO

This feature is now migrated in KMO. I improved queries and columns result.

Sessions and Connections in KMO

Improve IO Statistics query

When I worked on TempDB, I reuse this query to determine TempDB latency and I fixed it. Check KMO change log.

IO statistics query improved in KMO

Dashboard UpToDate updated!

SQL Server 2016 SP1 is now available so Dashboard UpToDate contains last definitions.

update dashboard

Wiki links

Documentation is not my favorite hobby but I’m migrating wiki on this website. Don’t forget you can have more information on a tool by using this button :

wiki button

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