Version 1.3.4 – datagrid, KMO, accessibility

Hello, it’s time for the December version : accessibility, readability, KMO migration, …

New datagrid

As you know, since I started migration to KMO, I also use a new datagrid with more fonctionnality. In this version, you can now double-click on each cell to get the value in a message box. Since you’re able to zoom data, I decrease column witdh for more readability

Double-click on datagrid

Accessibility is important. So you can now use Ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom in this datagrid.

ctrl mouse wheel

KMO migration

In this version I migrated 4 tools :

  • Live queries profiler
  • Live SP profiler
  • audit bad type
  • Database treemaps

Backup history and Database buffer were already migrated in KMO but they didn’t yet use the new datagrid.

Database buffer

One kankuru user helped me to fix a bug in Database buffer detail. When there are buffer descriptors without allocation units.

Fix in KMO

Detail of commit on github.

Thank you Fred 😉

Application start

I improved the code performance to be able to start Kankuru quicker.

Splash screen

Have a good december and contact me for questions, ideas, drink a beer, …

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